Criticism over border response continues as President Obama leaves Austin

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

AUSTIN, Texas - Fundraising and the economy remained the focus of President Barack Obama's trip to Austin, Texas, but those issues were overshadowed by mounting tensions over the growing border crisis.

President Obama wrapped up his visit to Austin at the Paramount Theater where he spoke about what he calls the country's economic recovery. This, as Texas Governor Rick Perry toured the US-Mexico border where unaccompanied and undocumented minors, mostly from Central America, are illegally coming into the country in droves.

"Actions are really important. And unless we see this president acting, then the American people are going to think he does not care about securing the border. I think that's the real political issue for this president," Perry said.

The president sat down with Perry in Dallas Wednesday but in the wake of their meeting, the president continues to face a storm of criticism for not extending his Texas trip to include a stop near the border.

While President Obama did not specifically talk about the border crisis in his speech, the president was interrupted by a heckler when he called out Republicans while making a brief comment about immigration reform.

"They said no to fixing our broken immigration system, that we know would strengthen our borders, and our businesses, and help families," President Obama said.

One thing Obama and Perry agree on: the possible need to deploy additional National Guard troops to the border, though the president calls it a temporary fix. Perry also wants medical screening for all immigrants and insists the president needs to act now.

Obama has called on Congress to approve more than $3 billion to help with the crisis. Perry says he's concerned and claims only a fraction of that would go towards border security.

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