Quick thinking neighbor helps bust Harris County burglary suspects red-handed

Victim's home targeted for second time in 3 months

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Thanks to a quick thinking neighbor, officials caught a group of suspected thieves red-handed, burglarizing a north Harris County home.

Investigators said the group targeted a home on Imperial Manor Lane, near Royal Stone Lane. A neighbor noticed a suspicious car in the driveway and called police right away.

When Harris County constables arrived, they said three of the four crooks were still inside the home and in the process of burglarizing it. The fourth thief was sitting in the getaway car out front, officials said.

"I seen a suspicious car in the driveway," said Brandy Mason, who lives across the street.

Mason and her mother called the police.

"We stay in the cul-de-sac and haven't seen those people in the area before," said Mason.

Lt. David Escobar with the Pct. 4 Constable's Office said neighbors everywhere should be this aware of their surroundings.

"We need good neighbors like this to keep us safe," Lt. Escobar said. "This is a classic example of what it is to be a good citizen, helping the officer out on the beat."

Shunna Milton is relieved. She owns the home that was broken into and was at work when it happened.

Milton said almost every room in the house had been ransacked and the burglars were trying to steal some odd items, like an eight-pack of paper towels.

"And a half eaten cake," she said. "Nothing about this burglary makes sense."

Milton is concerned because this is the second time in three months her home has been targeted by crooks. Last time, they broke in through a back door.

This time, the suspects shattered the glass on a back window, reached in and unlocked it, then opened the window up and climbed through. She doesn't have an alarm but wants to get one now or she may even move.

"I'm uncomfortable with someone continually coming in. I may have to look for somewhere else." Milton said.

It's unclear if this is the same group of suspects who burglarized Milton's home before, but the case remains under investigation by the Pct. 4 Constable's Office.

Three of the thieves were arrested and charged with felony burglary. The fourth suspect fled, but has been identified and faces charges as well.

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