Pregnant woman carjacked en route to have labor induced

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - A pregnant woman was headed to the hospital Tuesday morning when she was attacked by a group of armed robbers, authorities said.

"My son is supposed to be here and to take that moment away from me, is hurtful," Ebony Sowells said.

Sowells said she was getting into her car in front of her home in the South Acres Ranch neighborhood off of Highway 288 and Airport Boulevard, heading for the hospital to have labor induced.

"They took purses, wallets, we had a lot of personal items in the car like things including taxes and birth certificates and W2 forms and money and the car," she said.

Sowells said she was with her husband and her aunt at the time. She said the group forced them back into their home at gunpoint.

The police said the attackers fled in the stolen car.

A few minutes later, police said the car was recovered at the Family Dollar store off of South Bank and Bellfort.

Detectives said  the suspects robbed the security guard there and took his car.

Police don't have many good leads. Sowells had to postpone the birth of her son.

"My doctor wants to reschedule it but at this point I don't know, they do these things in the morning but I'm scared to leave at that time of the morning," she said.

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