Police: Crook robs mother in parking lot in front of children

HOUSTON - A Houston woman was robbed in a parking lot Tuesday while she was with her children, according to authorities.

It happened a neighborhood supermarket on Fuqua Street in southeast Houston. While Kara Thomas put her children and groceries in the car, a man drove up and blocked her in her parking spot, the victim said.

"He pulled up behind me, he got out, he held a gun up to me and he said, 'Give me your purse,'" said Thomas. "So I just took my purse out of my car and I gave it to him right away."

Thomas said she refused to put up a fight because she wanted the man to go away as soon as possible. Thomas said she was worried about her two-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son, who was terrified. The boy had to be comforted by men who ran from inside the store to help.

"They were able to calm him down, give him some candy, just to help him feel better," said Thomas. "He was crying and his heart was beating really fast and I felt so bad for him."

The robber also pointed his gun at another man and demanded cash, but jumped back in his car and drove off.

The mother may have been just one the man's victims. Thomas said she met another woman who was robbed by a man fitting the exact description of the crook who stole her purse.

Police described the man as Hispanic, in his 20s, 5'6" and 170 pounds. He was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans and was driving a small 4-door maroon car, authorities said.

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