Homeowner: Home invasion suspects dressed up like mail carriers

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter , Jill Courtney

HOUSTON - Police are searching for the suspects responsible for a home invasion in southeast Houston.

A father said he and his roommate were robbed and tied up by several armed men, including one dressed as a postal carrier while his 3-year-old son was asleep downstairs.

It happened near the 4300 block of Fernwood.

"The doorbell rang. My son was asleep. I looked out the window and saw the mailman," said the 27-year-old homeowner. "He said, 'I have a package for you,' so I answered the door."

The homeowner, who graduated from the University of Houston last year, said as soon as he opened the front door, the guy dressed as the postal carrier pulled a gun out of his satchel and forced his way inside.

"Four other masked men came rushing in with him," said the homeowner. "They asked me who else was in the house.

The homeowner said he was led upstairs at gunpoint to his roommate's room.

"They kicked in the door and dragged my roommate out of bed," said the homeowner. "They laid us on the ground in the hallway and zip tied our hands and feet and put t-shirts over our heads."

The homeowner said he feared for his son's safety because he could hear the men downstairs rummaging through his stuff.

"One of the guys kicked my roommate in the face," the homeowner said. "He said, 'Any sudden move and your dead.'"

The armed robbers stole expensive jewelry, a pair of designer dress shoes, wallets and electronics.

"I just wanted them to leave. That's all I was praying for," said the homeowner.

The suspects got away before police arrived.

Houston police said a similar home invasion was reported in the area about a week ago.

Police also told Local 2 they arrested two people on Monday in the area who were connected to a string of burglaries across the city.

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