Haskell showed no signs of violence during youth in Alaska

HOUSTON - A man accused of killing six members of a Spring family was voted homecoming king and class clown during his senior year at Chugiak High School in Eagle River, Alaska.

Drew Nevitt attended the same Mormon church as Ronald Haskell and described the suspect as a role model to him and other younger youth.

"He was always a really funny guy, he was definitely a clown. He was a likable character. He was a good guy. He was a good example for me and my friends," said Nevitt. "He was serving the congregation, putting on a white shirt and tie every Sunday and passing the communion out being a good example of representing his faith and God and doing good things."

Nevitt did not defend Haskell's actions, but said he wanted people to know Haskell was a good person from a good family.

"They were active in the Mormon faith and there's nothing in the Mormon faith that would teach him to kill a family like he did. They were good people, he was a good person," said Nevitt.

Haskell, a 1999 graduate of Chugiak High School, was arrested Wednesday after a standoff with law enforcement officers.

Investigators say prior to the standoff, Haskell shot and killed his ex-wife's sister, Katie Stay, as well as her husband, Stephen Stay, and four of the couple's five children.

The couple's oldest daughter, Cassidy Stay, 15, was also shot but survived. As emergency crews responded to the scene, she was able to identify the suspect and alert officers about where he was was headed next. Cassidy Stay was released from the hospital Friday evening.

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