Conroe man accused of threatening neighbors

CONROE - A Conroe man is accused of threatening his neighbors with a machete and saying he planned to kill them.

Sgt. Dorcy Riddle, with the Conroe Police Department, said Thomas Singleteary started banging on the wall of the house next door to his own home on Beach Airport Road Wednesday night.

"He apparently had a machete that he pulled out of a sheath," Riddle said.

According to Riddle, Singleteary started swinging the machete at the women as they walked out of their house.

Singleteary also allegedly threatened to kill the women. One of the women ran inside to call police.

"When we arrived, he was on his porch and made an unpleasant gesture to the police and went back inside," said Riddle.

Investigators said this is not the first time the women have been troubled by Singleteary, who officers believe has a history of mental illness.

"He has come to the residence in the past," said Riddle. "We have reports that he has banged on the door."

Riddle said officers arrested Singleteary and he is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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