Crime trend: Bank customers followed

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - A woman was leaving this Wells Fargo parking lot when she noticed she was being followed. But in this case those criminals were caught before they even had a chance to steal anything.

It's a crime we've warned you about before, called jugging. Criminals follow customers as they leave the bank and either rob them for the cash or break into their cars and take it. And it is happening all over Houston.

"I am really surprised, very surprised, in this neighborhood," said Staci Johns, Wells Fargo Customer.

Customers like Johns are on edge after a woman was followed by two men after visiting the Wells Fargo on Bissonet and Kirby Drive Tuesday, around noon.

Police say a woman who was getting into her car noticed suspicious men in the parking lot.

"They followed her out of the bank parking lot, and as she made a series of turns, they continued to follow her which made her more suspicious," said Sgt. Phil Clark of the West University Police Station.

She called 911 and then drove to the West University Police Station. They continued to follow her and then were ultimately pulled over and arrested after officers found burglary tools in their car.

"What is commonly known as a window punch, a spring loaded spike, a screw driver, and some baseball gloves, manipulated in a way that could only been used for committing a burglary," said Clark.

Cyrus Ray McQuarn, 27, and 35-year-old Cedric Henderson are both charged with possession of criminal instruments.

Police aren't sure if they are connected to other jugging cases but want people to be aware of their surroundings. If you do feel threatened to call 911 or pull into a police or fire station.

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