Crime Stoppers names 10 most wanted bank robbers

HOUSTON - Crime Stoppers and local law enforcement agencies released a list Wednesday of the top 10 most wanted bank robbers in the Houston area.

According to Crime Stoppers, there have been 119 bank robberies in Houston and Harris County from January through the end of August.  That's a 35 percent increase from 2011.  There were 94 bank robberies in all of last year.

"We've seen a spike or a trend that is alarming and needs to be addressed," said Stephen Morris, special agent in charge for the FBI Houston Division.

The list of the most wanted included the "hoodies and handgun" robbers.  Investigators said the pair is responsible for at least eight takeover-style robberies in the Houston area this year.

Police said they also want to track down a man nicknamed the "bearded bandit."  He is wanted in connection with four bank robberies.

The only woman on Crime Stoppers' list wears a wig and sunglasses during her crimes.  Crime Stoppers said she has committed three bank robberies in the Houston area.  Investigators said she robbed one bank twice. 

"The victims of these robberies often times aren't just the banks," said Morris. "It's the tellers, it's the individuals that are traumatized, it's the people that are out shopping going about their everyday business."

Anyone with information about these bank robbers is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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