Crime on the rise in Baytown

Just this week a Baytown Chevron was robbed at gunpoint as part of a recent crime spree

BAYTOWN - Crime in Baytown is on the rise, and the numbers from their police department show a troubling trend.

Just this week a Baytown Chevron was robbed at gunpoint as part of a recent crime spree.

Baytown residents are becoming increasingly concerned about the alarming rise in violent crimes.

A surveillance video caught two armed men robbing the clerk inside the Chevron on North Alexander Drive.

Samir Maredia, the Chevron store clerk said, "My employee, she was so scared. It was such a trauma, she is not returning to work again."

Police said minutes before the gas station robbery, the two suspects robbed a nearby Jack in the Box, and got away in a stolen SUV.

"In Baytown, we never had all this, but in recent six months,  the crime is rising," Maredia said.

According to statistics provided by Baytown police, violent crimes in the city have risen considerably, compared to this time last year, and robberies have nearly tripled.

Ninety percent of the violent crimes in Baytown are robberies and aggravated assaults.

"We're not denying there's a spike in robberies but if you look at the big picture and we step back 10,00 feet and look down, these things they do fluctuate," said Lt. Eric Freed of the Baytown Police Department.

Residents want to know why crime is rising in Baytown.

"A lot of different factors in play. Business is booming in Baytown. We're growing rapidly. The prison system is getting into overcrowding mode again. Some people are getting lighter sentences," Freed said.

Police say having a working surveillance system like the one at the Chevron is a very useful tool in catching thieves and to hopefully put a stop to the dangerous crime trend.

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