Crews work to stop fire from spreading

Officials: No homes threatened by fire

CYPRESS, Texas - Neighbors and firefighters alike converged on a construction site in Cypress Saturday afternoon when plumes of smoke began billowing up from behind the Lakes of Northpointe subdivision.

"They received calls from all the neighborhoods around," said Harris County Fire Marshal Dean Hensley. "People saw the smoke and the fire. Obviously with the drought, people are concerned about the grass fires."

Residents stood by as spectators, fearing for the safety of their homes with the fire's presence palpable and the flames visible for miles.

"When we got out to our cul de sac, I leaned out the window of the car and you could feel a little bit of the heat coming," said Krista Johnson, a resident of the subdivision.

Hensley said investigators are working to determine the source of Saturday's spectacle.

"Apparently there's some land clearing going on here," said Hensley. "I believe they're building new homes, and a bunch of the brush has been piled up. We don't know yet if it was actually set by the land clearing company or if somebody came in and set the fire. Still working on that."

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