Crews prepare for Astrodome's yard sale and auction on Saturday

Fans of the Astodome have the opportunity to own a piece of the building's history

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - Fans of the Astrodome have the opportunity to own a piece of the building's history.

Crews spent the day inside the Astrodome prepping stadium seats, AstroTurf and other Dome items for Saturday's yard sale and auction.

The seats will run you $200 per pair. You can even pick out what color you want. Turf will also be sold; each 12 inch by 12 inch section will cost $20. An auction will be held for the higher-end items, like turnstiles, dugouts and football benches and signed memorabilia.

"People seem to get really nostalgic when they are talking about the Astrodome, everybody has a story from their childhood, so we are just trying to make it a way so the public can own a piece of history that they can take home with them," said Leah Mastaglio, the event Services Director.

Everything will be sold "as is" and all sales will be final. The sale will be held inside Reliant Center's Hall E and it will start at 8 a.m. on Saturday.

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