Craving Blue Bell? You can find it online

Seller advertises 'pre-listeria goodness'

By Frank Espinoza - News Producer

HOUSTON - Stores across the country have pulled Blue Bell off their shelves, but fans of the ice cream are still finding ways to buy it.

Blue Bell pulled all of its products from store shelves three weeks ago after inspectors discovered listeria in the ice cream. That has thousands of Blue Bell fans craving their favorite creations, and it seems some hoarders want to help.

We found an ad on Craigslist from a seller who claims to be in Dickinson and wrote, "I've got the motherload [mother lode] of bell [Bell]. All the goods."

The seller is selling half-gallons for $5 each. The seller ends the ad by saying, "This ad doesn't have to be the great divide, so don't banana split on me, and shoot me a text and come on down  for some pre-listeria goodness."

The auction site eBay removed a similar listing last month because Blue Bell has recalled all of its products, no matter when they were made.

Food safety officials say consumers should just wait it out and not risk getting sick.

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