CPS: Workers in abused boy's case weren't aggressive enough

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - Two Child Protective Services workers are on desk duty because of the way they handled little Jordan's case.

A spokesperson for the agency says CPS has been involved with the family since 2013, but the case worker, Ventresia Howard, and her supervisor weren't aggressive enough.

Estella Olguin with CPS says the case workers should have asked the judge for an order demanding Bradley Bleimeyer, and his wife Tammi Bleimeyer, cooperate with the investigation.

Court records obtained by Local 2 indicate the couple refused to let their kids open the door for anyone including police and CPS which impeded the investigation.

Documents from the court say in January of this year, one of the Bleimeyer kids told his counselor that abuse was going on in the home and his dad pushed his little brother's head against the wall.

One child also told authorities Jordan had been abused not just for one or two months, but for several months -- possibly as long as eight months.

Police say Jordan was locked in a four-by-four room under the stairwell. His family says he was only fed bread, milk or water.

Over the weekend he was rescued and rushed to Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital weighing only 29 pounds.

He is recovering now but is expected to remain at the hospital for several weeks.

Tammi Bleimeyer is out on bond, but she doesn't have custody of her six children. Five are in a shelter together; one is with a foster family.

CPS filed for custody of Jordan and that hearing is scheduled for April 14.

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