CPS: Toddler found wandering alone identified

Family members may take the child during the investigation

HOUSTON - A 17-month-old Houston child is safe and sound with his grandmother after being abandoned at Traders Village Sunday afternoon. He'll remain with the grandmother until CPS authorities can determine whether he'll be given back to his parents.

Authorities say other market goers noticed the toddler was alone. Employee Carl Foy -- a father himself -- came to the child's aid.

"He had a really wet diaper," says Foy. I had some diapers in the car being a father. I brought some in changed his diaper and shows him some brochures of Elmo."

The boy spent the night in a CPS facility in Northwest Harris County. Monday CPS sent his picture to Local 2 and other media. Shortly after relatives -- and eventually his parents got in contact. Investigators say parents tell them he was left alone at the market because of a "miscommunication" between them.

The toddler and his 4 year old sibling will remain with the grandmother until the CPS investigation is complete.

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