CPS opens investigation after dad takes children on chase

Driver/father Noe Soto Arranda has not been captured

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - Following inquiries from Local 2 Investigates, Child Protective Services confirms it will begin an investigation into the welfare of four children involved in a high-speed chase.  

Child Protective Services would not investigate the wellbeing of the children until someone asked them to pursue the matter, a representative for the state the agency said.

"For CPS just to be knocking on someone's door and be interviewing children and asking pretty intrusive questions, we have to actually have a report," CPS spokeswoman Estella Olguin said.

Olguin said that as of late Monday morning, no agency had asked CPS to investigate the welfare of fugitive Noe Sota Aranda's children.

But Monday afternoon, after an inquiry by Local 2 earlier in the day, a Houston Police Department representative said the agency had forwarded a formal request to CPS to ensure the children are being cared for properly.

Police said the children were inside a pickup truck Sota Aranda drove wildly along Houston-area highways last week during a police chase. He got away. 

The children were dropped off by their fugitive father Friday night, left with another family member.

On Saturday, Local 2's camera caught video of the children screaming and running from a family member's home. The children's mother asked Local 2 reporter Mark Boyle, to call 911, which he did. Police arrested one man following a domestic violence allegation.

Sota Aranda remains at large.

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