CPS investigation after abuse allegations at day care

It's all surrounding what a parent says happened at a day care in Richmond

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

RICHMOND - Abuse allegations at a local day care and now Child Protective Services is involved. It's all surrounding what a parent says happened at a day care in Richmond.

Caren Ferguson says her two and a half year old daughter Ashla always enjoyed going to day care at the Goddard School in Richmond, but two weeks ago something changed.

"She came home one day, crying that she didn't want to see this teacher, that she didn't want me to send her back to school," Ferguson said.

She says she noticed what looked like claw marks on her daughter's arm, as though someone had been pulling her. She contacted the school and after talking to the director, decided to withdraw Ashla, claiming this was the second time marks were found on her daughter. Next, came something she never expected.

"CPS came knocking on my door, that the school had accused me of doing this to my child," Ferguson said.

Ron Herman, The Goddard School's owner, told Local 2, "The state has been notified by us and is looking into the situation. They will meet with parents as well as staff at the school. Children are our number one priority. We have zero reason to believe it happened at our school."

Ferguson said she is beyond devastated. CPS says it's not uncommon for them to conduct dual investigations in an effort to figure out where a child's injuries came from. The law states a day care center has to report an injury claim to the licensing department.

As the case moves forward, Ferguson urges all parents to do their homework.

"You have to vet out any of these places that you are going to leave your child because you just don't know what is going on behind closed doors," said Ferguson.

She says she filed her own complaint with child care licensing. The owner says an investigator has already been out here to speak with members of his staff.

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