Coyote kills cats in neighborhood

KEMAH, Texas - Three cats have recently killed by at least one coyote in Kemah.

No humans have been attacked, but residents in the Marina Del Sol neighborhood said they are scared for their animals.

Kim Etheridge made the gruesome discovery of her cat "Bajan" Tuesday morning, just minutes after she realized he had disappeared from the back yard.

"It had been ripped apart," said Etheridge.

Homeowners Association President Kirby McKillip said he's received several emails in just the past few days from residents saying they've spotted at least one coyote in the area.  Other emails are more grim. Some homeowners have reported their small pets have gone missing recently. They have most likely been killed by the coyotes that have started to hunt in the neighborhood.

"Police chief called me and said the police department would be actively pursuing solving the issue," said McKillip.

Because these are "urban" coyotes, this isn't handled by League City's animal control office.

"Our animal control only deals with domestic animals.  In cases like this, the police department will go out," said Kristi Wyatt, director of communications for League City.

It's not known why the coyotes have now started hunting in this area, but neighbors think it's because there are a lot of small animals to feed on.

"They aren't going to leave because they have an endless supply of food," said Etheridge.

In the meantime, police suggest to homeowners to take the necessary steps to keep their animals and property safe.  Tips can be found on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

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