Couple waits months for answers after daughter dies days after birth

Houston-area couple heartbroken after losing daughter 4 days after her birth

HOUSTON - A young couple is outraged and heartbroken after losing their daughter days after her birth and then being forced to wait months for answers about her death.

Rachel Melancon's daughter Olivia lived just four days. The dreams Melancon and her fiancé Allen Coats had for a life with their little girl are now gone.

"I was so excited to be a mother. Reality hits whenever I visit her and I'm looking at a headstone," said Melancon.

Melancon said there were complications during Olivia's delivery at the Medical Center of Southeast Texas. The newborn was then rushed by Life Flight to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Houston Medical Center.

Melancon said by then it was too late. She and her fiancé had to make the heart-wrenching decision to take Olivia off life support.

"She was the rest of of my life. I felt like my life was over," said Melancon.

The Medical Center of Southeast Texas said they ended their relationship with the doctor who delivered Olivia about a month after the death, and they are investigating the case.

However, Melancon said her pain did not stop there. She was determined to get an autopsy of Olivia so she could file a complaint against her doctor. However, Melancon said she was forced to wait four months while Memorial Hermann completed the autopsy.

At times, Melancon camped out at the hospital.

"I slept in my car and waited in front of offices overnight for answers," said Melancon.

Memorial Hermann told Local 2 a clerical error on their part caused the delay and they apologize for adding to the family's grief.

Melancon now has the autopsy report which shows Olivia died from a brain injury caused by a fracture to the skull.

Local 2 contacted the doctor's attorneys, but they declined to comment.

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