Couple tracks down stolen property after home was burglarized

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - A southeast Houston couple tracked down thieves who burglarized their Club Green Court neighborhood home.

The crooks kicked in the back door, ransacked several bedrooms and stole four laptop computers, three TVs, a gaming system and about $20,000 in jewelry. 

But Carl Walden and his wife refused to just sit still and be victims. 

"They're just thugs, you know?" said Walden. "It takes away your security."

Walden used an app to track some of the stolen items.

"It shows you the address where it's at, so I went to that address," Walden said.

It was an apartment complex in Texas City about 30 miles away from Walden's home, off I-45 near the Beltway.  

"The maintenance guy said, 'Yeah, an hour ago I seen guys unloading TVs in that corner apartment over there.'"

Walden called the Texas City police who soon had the place surrounded.  Once they obtained a warrant, officers went inside.

"They were sitting there using the computer and everything else," Walden said.  "We went through and identified our stuff.  There was a lot of other stuff there, too.  A lot of guns there they had stolen from other places."

Texas City police arrested 18-year-old Alexander Thomas and 22-year-old Seidrick Washington, they are both charged with possession of stolen property. Houston police are investigating the break-in at the Walden's home, charges for that crime are still pending.

"They tried to run away but we chased them down," said Walden. "I bet they weren't expecting to get caught that day."

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