Couple takes more than 30 families on shopping spree for holidays

By Jace Larson - Investigative Reporter

TOMBALL, Texas - We hear lots of holiday giving stories this time of year, but this next one is extra special. One local couple is making a big difference helping more than 30 families who are in need by taking them on a shopping spree.

The toy section at a Tomball Walmart is going to be busy as more than 100 kids will get to pick out their presents, all thanks to one couple that has created a different Christmas tradition.

Roxanne Valdez' family is about to get a Christmas like they've never had.

"We're trying real hard, but with 10 kids, eight here at home and my two step-daughters, we are trying our best," said Valdez.

Her kids learned Thursday night they would get to go on a shopping spree -- 25 minutes and $85 per child.

"Thank you, I told her when she called. I cried. I told her there is not enough words in the world to tell you thank you," Valdez said.

It's all because of a husband and wife team who doesn't have kids of their own, but something else in common -- they know what it's like to struggle.

"I was in and out of foster care and we didn't have a real Christmas until we got adopted," said Shelby Reich.

"Being from a single mom pretty much, giving back to kids, having a smile on the kids' face because we buy them toys," said Charlton Reich.

But don't focus on them, they say.

"Give the man upstairs all the praise, not us," said Charlton Reich.

"It's a blessing for us to be able to help others and put smiles on kids' faces," said Shelby Reich.

They want to inspire the kids they are helping and their parents.

"You all are making it possible, even if it's just one gift you are making it possible for my kids to have Christmas," Valdez said.

And after the fun at Walmart, the kids will be going to a pizza party.

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