Couple sleeps through break-in

Electronics, keys, car stolen

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - While an elderly couple slept inside their Meyerland home Saturday night, investigators say someone broke in and burglarized the home. 

The incident happened between late Saturday and early Sunday on Ariel Street. The couple didn't discover the crime until they woke up the next day.

Precinct 5 Constable deputies said it's unclear how the burglars got in but several hundred dollars worth of electronics, three sets of keys, and a 2006 Toyota Avalon were stolen.

The car was recovered a short time later and investigators have the name of a possible suspect, but no arrest has been made. 

"You know, if you got a couple burglars in your house walking around at night while you're sleeping -- that's a very scary thing," said J.J. Laine, Assistant Chief with Precinct 5.

People who live in the Meyerland neighborhood are scared. Many of them hadn't heard about what happened when asked Wednesday.

"We're always on the lookout," said Sam Lee. "If we see anything, we'll let our neighbors know."

Investigators said that's the best thing you can do, adding that it's likely these thieves roam the neighborhood at night looking for their next victim.

"People should know, first of all, keep your house locked. Be observant," said Laine.

If you see anything report it to the Constable's Office immediately. 

"We'll send someone to check it out," Laine said.

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