Couple marries aboard yacht in Kemah after cruise ship disaster cancels wedding

Carnival Triumph delays causes couple to cancel original wedding plans

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

KEMAH, Texas - Although the Carnival Triumph didn't return back to Galveston like originally scheduled this past Sunday, a couple decided to marry on a yacht in Kemah as the cruise ship caused them to cancel their original wedding plans, ten years in the making.

It was the perfect wedding on the FantaSea, a yacht at the Kemah Boardwalk. Summer Gallagher became Mrs. Luke Cash. She and the groom said they had been planning their wedding in Cozumel, Mexico for eight months.

On Sunday, Gallagher found out the Carnival Triumph would not return to Galveston to pick up the wedding party of thirty for the trip to Mexico.

"It was probably the most heart-breaking thing that I have ever been through," said Gallagher.

"When they said that they had finally cancelled the trip, Summer just fell apart," said Cash.

Cash knew there was no way to quickly get everyone to Mexico. He said the wedding ten years in the making was now off.

Tilman Fertitta and the Kemah Boardwalk heard about their wedding disaster. The boardwalk offered its yacht, the FantaSea, for the wedding.

It came with a bonus, Gallagher's 83-year-old grandmother could attend. Gallagher said her grandmother would not have been able to make the trip to Mexico.

"That alone made this madness worth it," said Gallagher.

As the Carnival Triumph slowly made its way into port hundreds of miles away, Gallagher walked down the aisle aboard the FantaSea.

The ship's captain proclaimed, "Mr. and Mrs. Luke Cash! Congratulations!"

It was the dream wedding born out of a cruise disaster. The bride planned the wedding in Mexico for months. This wedding came together in about 24 hours.

More friends and family shared their special moments from cutting the cake to the first dance.

"The most amazing thing. I swear," said Mrs. Cash. "Other than the birth of our daughter, that has ever happened. Truly."

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