Couple in Houston for cancer treatment has wheels stolen

Car broken into earlier in the week

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A couple visiting Houston to receive life-saving medical treatments had their car broken into, twice, outside their hotel.

Stacey Hayden's husband, Dusty, has stage three esophageal cancer. The couple is in Houston from Georgia so Dusty can receive special care at Texas Medical Center. They stayed in Houston for seven weeks, and during one of those weeks, thieves broke into their SUV—twice.

The Hayden's had their car parked at the Residence Inn on South Main in a parking lot they thought was safe. The first time vandals struck, they broke out a window. The second time, Stacey Hayden found her Suburban sitting on blocks.

"When I came out my car was sitting on blocks and rotors. They had taken my four tires and rims," she said. "We're paying for a hotel. Paying good money. I've paid almost $6,400 which includes security guards."

The hotel manager said the thieves created a diversion in front of the hotel and took their attention away from the Haydens' car when the wheels were stolen. The manager said she feels terrible about the theft and called police and the hotel's insurance company. However, Hayden said the hotel's insurance company would not offer any help.

Hayden reported both crimes to Houston Police. On the same day she said her wheels were stolen, police said thieves also tried to steal from another car in the parking lot, but were chased off.

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