Couple count their blessings after surviving Boston bombings

Husband also witnesses West, Texas plant explosion

AUSTIN, Texas - A Texas husband and wife are counting their blessings after both survived the Boston bombings. But that's not all, one of them then witnessed the deadly plant explosion in West, Texas.

On Monday, the Austin couple barely dodged the blasts at the Boston marathon, and then two days later, the husband witnessed the West explosion right in front of him.

The two said they feel blessed to be able to share their story.

"It was the worst hour of my life," said Amy Berti. "And, you know, looking for him in the medical tents, not knowing if he had survived that blast."

"Amy was 10 feet away from an explosion where hundreds of people were injured," said Joe Berti. "I had just run through the finish line 30 seconds before."

Amy and Joe, Austinites running the Boston marathon last week, are counting their blessings after being so close to the explosions that left three people dead and another 180 injured.

Tuesday morning, the couple returned home safe and sound to their two daughters. But a couple days later, Joe witnessed the unthinkable.

"I went to a meeting in Dallas and I was driving back and on the left side of the highway, there was black smoke coming up," said Joe. "You think, you see a picture of a nuclear explosion and that's what it looked like. It was just massive on the left side of the highway and I was obviously shocked to see another explosion after having just come back from Boston."

At least 14 people are dead and 200 were injured in Wednesday's fertilizer plant explosion.

"We feel blessed that we're still here, we're OK," said Joe.

When the couple were in Boston, they said after the explosions, they were both looking for each other for about an hour. During that time, they were wondering whether the other was injured or alive.

Live they were saying, Amy and Joe are so blessed they made it through both tragedies unscathed.

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