Couple attacked, nearly robbed in driveway

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HOUSTON - A man and his wife were attacked and nearly robbed in their southwest Houston driveway.

Fred Clowe said the attack happened Monday in the 5400 block of Cheena Drive. The couple and two friends were on their way to dinner when two men jumped out of a car and asked them for some cash.

"They asked for money. My wife said, 'We don't have any.' They said, 'I'm sure you have a couple of bucks,'" said Clowe.

Clowe's wife told the men she would call 911, and they threatened to beat up the group.  

The group decided to run back into the house and the attackers chased them, Clowe said.

"When we tried to close the door, they were trying to push it open. We got the door closed and got it locked. That's when they hit the window with the tire iron, or whatever it was that they had," said Clowe.

Because it was dark outside when this happened, the victims did not get a good look at the getaway car. They believe it is a light-colored, four-door Cadillac or Lincoln.

According to Houston police, there have been at least eight robberies in the couple's ZIP code in the past 30 days.

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