Effects of playing Powerball on brain

By Haley Hernandez - Health Reporter

HOUSTON - Dreams of winning the lottery has everyone imagining their fantasies

with the pile of money. One expert said such fantasies are good for your brain.
“It’s a really fun fantasy. It opens a whole new realm of possibilities, of things we can do with our life,” Audrey Omenson, clinical director at Nick Finnegan Counseling Center, said.
Omenson said the psychological effects of this kind of gambling can be completely harmless, although, getting into a certain mindset can set people up for more harmful patterns.
“Buying one ticket, participating in it, the rest of your life isn't affected in any real way, but it starts to be a problem if it starts interfering with your ability to live your life and interact with people or pay your bills,” she said.
Does winning actually solve people's problems?
“Anything in excess could put a strain on relationships. So, it could be money. It could be a promotion at work. ;It could be the amount of time you spend somewhere," Omenson said. "Anything in excess can put a strain on things, if it's handled poorly.”

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