Could Isaac be Midwest drought buster?

Up to 7 inches of rain could fall in parts of the driest section of country

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HOUSTON - Isaac's winds have decreased and it's no longer a hurricane, but the storm is still packing a punch as it pushes north through Arkansas and into the rain-starved Midwest. 

Isaac could dump as much as 7 inches of rain in parts of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois over the next few days.  These are areas that are running a 6- to 7-inch rainfall deficit for the year, which could be wiped out within a week if the forecast verifies.

While there will likely be winners in this scenario, there will also be losers.  For example, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma are suffering from extreme drought but they're not in the path of Isaac. These states will see little, if any, drought relief in the coming week. 

Also, while the rain is desperately needed, if it comes too fast the risk of flash flooding increases, which causes obvious dangers to life and property.

The best-case scenario is for Isaac to drop steady light to moderate rain over a several day period to gently soak the parched ground of our neighbors to the north.  While it may not erase the drought entirely, Isaac will hopefully be a turning point in what's been a very hot, very dry, and very miserable summer for the Midwest. 

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