Copper thieves target dental offices

Orthodontist closed after power lines cut

HOUSTON - Copper thieves hit three dental offices overnight on Sunday. At Clear Choice Orthodonics on Bammel-Westfield Road, they didn't get away with anything, but they did do about $10,000 worth of damage trying to break in.

Thieves ripped open electric junction boxes at the back of the building and cut power lines to get at the copper connectors. They were apparently scared off when a burglar alarm sounded.

Employees showed up for work Monday morning to discover that there was no electricity in the building.

"Because of this we don't have call centers. Our patients are calling in, financial can't do their work. It's one day missing," said Juan Salazar, maintenance supervisor at Clear Choice.

The offices closed for the day to allow time for repairs. The clinic is expected to reopen on Tuesday.

A dental lab nearby was stripped of copper about two months ago. At this point deputies aren't sure if the same thieves who did that hit targeted these offices Sunday night. They also do not have descriptions of the suspects or their car.


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