Cooking Christmas Leftovers

Leftovers Omelets

1 tsp margarine
1/8 cup pre-cooked chopped asparagus
1/8 cup pre-cup chopped broccoli
1/8 cup diced left over ham
2 eggs whisked
salt and pepper to taste
1/8 cup shredded mozzarella

Sauté the vegetable and ham for one to two minutes in the 1 tsp of margarine. Next add the whisked eggs and salt pepper. Then make sure to slightly stir the ingredients in the pan and to smooth the eggs to form a uniform surface. When eggs are beginning to tighten up flip the omelet over. Let the omelet cook for another minute then add shredded cheese and fold over. Plate and serve.

Prime Rib Sliders

1 tsp olive oil
½ of yellow onion julienne
3 Slider rolls
3 cups beef stock
2 cups thinly sliced prime rib roast

Sautee the onions until they are fully caramelized. This usually takes about 5 mins on med heat. While your onions are caramelizing reduce your beef stock from three cups to two on high boil. You want to reduce the stock to bring out the beef flavor. When your stock is reduced and onions are caramelized place your sliced beef in the simmering stock for one to two minutes. Last place equal amounts of beef on each roll and top with equal amounts of caramelized onions.