Convicted drunk driver denied appeal for 38-year sentence

She killed 2 people after after a wild drinking binge that was caught on camera

HOUSTON - Outraged family members went to court on Thursday to keep a deadly drunk driver behind bars.

Nicole Baukus killed two people after a wild drinking binge that was caught on camera.

On Thursday, a judge denied Baukus motion for a new trial. The victim's families say the ruling brings relief, but they are still angry that Bauus even tried to avoid her 38-year prison sentence by filing the motion.

The families of Nicole Adams, Travis Saunders and David Porras, anxiously waited for the judges decision, and when the ruling came down they all felt a wave of satisfaction.

"This is true justice. That's what it's all about," said one member of the victim's family.

Baukus was convicted for two counts of manslaughter and intoxicated assault for driving drunk, the wrong way down the freeway, slamming into another car, killing Adams and Saunders and injuring Porras.

After Baukus plead guilty and was sentenced to 38 years, she was hoping to get a new trial. She blames her own defense attorney, claiming he coerced her and failed to adequately represent her. She also claims the judge's sentence was cruel and unusual.

The victim's families say Baukus' attempt at a new trial is victimizing them all over again.

"An appeal of her conviction will cause us to relive the stress and uncertainty that we have felt on a daily basis over the past 15 months since our nightmare began," said the family member.

Prosecutors say Baukus knew exactly what she was doing when she pled guilty.

The victim's families say their pain continues but the judge's ruling made the day a little easier to bear.

"I'm proud of that judge and he has all my respect and I'm going to let all the family members know and everybody's going to be jumping up and down for joy," the family member told us.

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