Controversy over man shot 4 times in back by homeowner

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - A local man is still in the hospital after being shot four times in the back, and now for the first time, he's speaking to Local 2 from his hospital bed about the shooting that nearly killed him.

That man is recovering in the hospital after being shot four times outside of this home. His family and community activists held a press conference pleading for an arrest.

"I did not have any weapon, and my friend did not have any weapon and I did not go to the man's house with intentions of hurting him," said Edwin Reynoso-Acevedo.

Reynoso-Acevedo, 22, speaks from his hospital bed about the night he was shot four times in the back. According to deputies, at around 7:30 Tuesday night Acevedo and his friend got into a fight with Shannon Pool at his home on Fox Star Lane and Foxwood Garden. Pool told them to leave, and they did, but they soon returned, refusing to leave.

That's when deputies say Pool grabbed a gun from his car and shot Acevedo four times in the back.

"This young man did not deserve to be shot down like a dog in the streets," said community activist Quanell X.

Witnesses say Acevedo had his hands in the air when the shots rang out. His father says he wasn't doing anything wrong.

"Like any other father, we are sad that this happened and this man is out on the streets, all we want is justice," said his father, Manuel Velez.

Quanell X is hoping the FBI will get involved and investigate this case as a hate crime.

"For this man to be walking around when investigators came to the scene with Nazi swastika tattoos on his chest, shoot an unharmed Hispanic man in the back four times," said Quanell X.

We asked Pool for an interview, but he declined.

"This should not be accepted, or tolerated, and DA Devon Anderson should be ashamed of herself that she has not done more to lock this man up, he is a menace to society," Quanell X said.

No arrests have been made in this case.

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