Contractor accused of stealing $1,400 from elderly homeowner's wallet

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HOUSTON - A roofing contractor from Tyler, Texas, is accused of stealing more than a thousand dollars from an elderly person who left his wallet out while trying to get a quote for services, according to the Houston Police Department.

Henry Leroy Boswell, 47, was charged with theft. Another man, Nathan Jay Boswell, was also charged in the case.

According to court documents, Nathan Boswell placed business cards soliciting roof repairs on front doors of homes in a neighborhood on August 22, 2013. A 73-year-old homeowner called and set up an appointment.

Nathan Boswell arrived at the home the next day, then walked around the outside of the house with the elderly man as they pointed out what needed to be repaired on the roof. Once they were done, Nathan Boswell asked the homeowner for a piece of paper so he could write down a quote. That is when he brought Henry Boswell inside with him.

The men told the elderly man they needed to check the attic for water leaks, investigators said.

The elderly man said he placed his wallet, which had $1,400 cash inside, on the kitchen counter and went into the attic with Henry Boswell while Nathan Boswell stayed in the living room and kitchen area.

When the elderly man walked back into the kitchen, he noticed that his wallet was open and his $1,400 was missing. He allegedly confronted Nathan Boswell, saying "You got my money."

Nathan Boswell denied the allegation, saying someone else must have come inside. When the elderly man threatened to call "the law," Nathan Boswell allegedly said, "Okay, I will go outside and get your money out of my truck," court documents stated.

Instead of returning the victim's money, Nathan and Henry Boswell both fled the scene, but left evidence behind. Police were given the paper which had the written repair cost quote and a water bottle. Investigators lifted latent fingerprints from the items, identifying Henry Boswell.

Charges were then filed against the men.

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