Consumer Electronic Show gadgets range from micro to massive

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - The annual Consumer Electronics Show officially opened Tuesday in Las Vegas, and the gadgets ranged from micro to massive.

Flat screen TVs are so yesterday. Televisions are topping the headlines out of Vegas for the start of the show, and this year, Samsung and LG are showcasing bendable screens.

The ultra-high-definition "4-K" displays come in sizes that hit 105 inches. The price tag? A mere $69,999 for LG's model.

But you don't have to go curvy for 4-K resolution, which is featured in every major TV manufacturer's product line. Web-based television operating systems and smart TVs are also dominating the buzz.

Wearable tech is another big theme at the show, with heart-rate earphones from LG and health-focused wristwatches from Lifeband Touch.

And there's no sense in excluding your infant from the latest trend. Boston-based Rest Devices is showing off its organic-cotton onesie with built-in sensors to monitor your baby's breathing, body temperature, position and activity level.

And Toyota announced that its hydrogen fuel-cell powered car is expected to hit the roads next year. The company says the "FCV" will run up to 310 miles between fill-ups and has no emissions except water vapor.

The nation's biggest consumer electronics show runs through Friday.

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