Conroe ISD police confiscate gun from student, remove student from campus

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

CONROE, Texas - A letter sent home to parents of Grangerland Intermediate School students informed them a student was found to have an unloaded gun on campus Thursday.

Another student reportedly spotted the weapon while on the bus. As soon as the students arrived at school, he went and told a teacher, who then informed campus administrators.

The letter read, "Campus administrators then went to the classroom to retrieve the student and confiscate the gun while CISD Police were notified. A thorough search of both the campus and bus was conducted. This is a very serious violation of law and the Conroe ISD Code of Conduct. The student has been removed from campus and appropriate legal and disciplinary action will be taken. At this time there is no evidence that the student intended to cause any harm."

"Anything could have happened," said Lucy Juarez, whose 10-year-old daughter attends Grangerland. "It frightens me, because that's my daughter. Not just my daughter, but everyone's kids are in that school."

Juarez wasn't just upset about the weapon on school grounds she also didn't like the way the district handled the incident.

She felt a letter sent home with students isn't the best, most reliable way to notify parents of something so important.

"Kids don't give you stuff like that half the time," she told Local 2. "If they can notify us about absences, tardiness and report cards and progress reports through email, why can't they let us know about a situation like this through email? Or a phone call?"

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