Condo residents say their property is being neglected

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HOUSTON - Residents in one condominium complex in Friendswood are trying to get some help. They said the property is neglected.

"The pool hasn't been touched in over a month. The landscaping is not maintained on a regular basis and the trash is not picked up regularly," said tenant Tami Killen.

At first glance, the Walden Pond Condominiums look OK. But once inside, it is run down. Siding is coming off the units. The pool is filled with green murky water.

"I'm afraid someone will get hurt. The gate is unlocked," said Killen

The garbage dumpsters are over flowing.

"It's sad we have to live in conditions like this," said Killen.

Austin Properties is the management company for Walden Pond.  Local 2 tried contacting them, but calls were not returned.

Residents said they've tried to contact the management company, too.

"No response from the management. Every time I call I'm told the lady who handles the property is busy to leave a voicemail," said Killen.

The city of Friendswood code enforcement confirmed it has been to the property before and a number of safety issues have been identified. Officials said they are trying to work with Austin Properties.

A resident who pays $571 in homeowner's association fees said he's not paying anymore.

"I'm not paying until this association gets this thing turned around. My investment and everyone else's investment is taken care of," said owner Kelton Rosenberger.

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