Concession stand dispute sparks chaos at Baytown water park

By Samantha Ptashkin - Reporter

BAYTOWN, Texas - A dissatisfied concession stand customer was arrested at a Baytown water park after police say she assaulted a lifeguard.

It happened at around 5 p.m. Wednesday at the Pirates Bay Water Park. According to Baytown police, Nsidibe Williams wasn't happy with the food she ordered from the concession stand and started using vulgar language. A lifeguard at the scene tried to calm the female down, but police say Williams assaulted the lifeguard. 

A supervisor at the water park called police and the arriving sergeant placed Williams in custody for the assault. As the sergeant placed Williams in the back of his patrol vehicle, she stood up on the floorboard and kicked at the sergeant. Most of the incident was captured on cell phone video. 

The sergeant then tried to take Williams down on the ground in order to gain compliance of her, but she slipped away from the sergeant's hold. Williams began to run off as she was handcuffed and a second officer was able to catch Williams and detain her.

While the sergeant tried to run after Williams, 26-year-old Edidiong Williams blocked his path, enabling him to catch and detain Nsidibe. After Edidiong struck the sergeant like a "football lineman," she attempted to run off but then was Tased. The sergeant arrested Edidiong for hindering apprehension.

While other officers began to arrive on scene 19-year-old Dontreal Dupree was arrested for disorderly conduct-language as he kept cursing while other patrons were present. All three were transported to the Baytown jail.

Local 2 spoke to Nsidibe Williams' husband over the phone. He says police have it all wrong. He says his wife went to the concession stand a couple times because her food was cold. He says she never started using vulgar language and never touched a lifeguard. 

Now the family is just wondering why police arrested three people.

Detective Brian Parker says if Williams felt she was being unfairly arrested, she could have filed a complaint with Internal Affairs at the Baytown Police Department, rather than resisting arrest and allegedly kicking an officer on the scene.

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