Company hired to catch coyotes in Jersey Village

Coyote tracks spotted in area near Highway 290 & Jones Road

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

JERSEY VILLAGE, Texas - A search in the woods in Jersey Village revealed a growing problem for the city. Coyotes are increasingly causing more trouble and the city has contracted with an animal control specialist to deal with the issue.

Local 2 went along Tuesday night with Claude Griffin of Gotcha Pest Control to set the first two traps to catch the coyotes.

Early on, coyote tracks revealed that a pack that's been blamed for recent problems was indeed in the area near Highway 290 and Jones Road.

"We've got about six or eight of them right here," said Griffin, looking at several sets of coyote tracks. "Look at the different sizes."

Griffin has pinpointed the pack in a wooded area at 290 and Jones, but to look for food they often times venture across the highway to a nearby golf course, where they've also become a problem.

The city wants the animals removed because they've been causing a host of issues, from being a potential threat to children at bus stops, to being a hazard to drivers when they cross busy Jones Road and other thoroughfares.

Griffin and one of his teammates hit the woods to find the ideal location to set the first traps -- using raw chicken as bait -- to catch the coyotes and relocate them.

"If I can catch him alive and make sure he's okay and he's well, then we can get rid of as many as we can," said Griffin. "It will take every day. It'll probably take every night. It could be a week or two."

The city does not want the animals harmed. When Griffin captures one he'll relocate it to another, more ideal location. In his years of experience, he said he's captured dozens of coyotes for individuals, but this is the first time he's ever been contracted by a city.

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