Community renovates World War II veteran's home

HOUSTON - A local World War II veteran is enjoying his newly-renovated home after vandals broke in and trashed it.

Last month, Elbert Woods, 93, found his home in ruins. 

Houston police said two teens burglarized and vandalized his home.  On Tuesday, the Marine returned home to a much different picture.

After hearing his story, more than 60 business and more than 300 volunteers, including Marines, renovated his home. It was all coordinated by radio talk show host Michael Berry. 

The renovations did not cost Wood a dime.

"Everything has been done. All the mechanicals are new. The roof and the siding are new. The paint is done. There's a standby generator. There's nothing in the house we haven't touched," project manager Bert Harvey said.

The renovations and warm welcome will be something Wood will never forget.

"I thank them very very much, and I appreciate it. I'm going to enjoy it for the rest of my life," said Wood.

Wood stayed in a nursing home free of charge while all of renovations were being done.