Community questions break-ins, potential pet poisoning

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Residents in a southeast Houston neighborhood are voicing concern over a rash of burglaries and a potential pet poisoning.

Most recently, a pregnant woman on Monday chased two burglars out of her home near Orem and South Post Oak.

Resident Martha Olguin said she believes the pair that ransacked her home last month are same suspects who broke into her pregnant neighbor Jessica Munguia's home.

"I looked inside the house through the window and it was all torn tore up," said Olguin.

Munguia identified one of the accused by a chain he was wearing. Olguin said it belongs to her husband.

"I found a picture where my husband was wearing a chain and a few days later I saw Jessica on the news and I went and told her and she confirmed the chain around the neck again," said Olguin.

Olguin said she recently saw the pair riding her son's stolen bicycles up and down the street.

"Are they really this dumb to walk around or do they not care and want to provoke something?" Olguin said.

Stolen property isn't the only concern worried neighbors have. It appears pets in the neighborhood are being targeted, too.

Gloria Ortega said Hendricks, her 7-year-old dog, became violently ill last week, the same day her next door neighbor's home got broken into.

Hendricks was outside in a fenced in yard all day, Ortega said.

"He was vomiting and vomiting. Couldn't eat anything. Only vomits so I took him to the doctor," said Ortega.

Ortega has no proof her dog was poisoned, but said the fact he suddenly got so sick is no coincidence.

She said the backyard smelled like mothballs and she discovered bricks that weren't there before.

"Like somebody wanted to shut him up," said Ortega.

Olguin filed a police report after her possessions were stolen, but said she doubts she'll ever get them back because she has no way of proving the bicycles and necklace belong to her family.

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