Community outrage over rash of beauty shop thefts

By Syan Rhodes - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - We've shown you the surveillance videos of five hair heists in just over a week.  One of the crimes ended with a shop owner being shot. Now community activists are calling for a stop to the crimes.

Robbers shot the owner of Mr. Indian Hair store last week. He's fed up and so are others who deal in high-priced hair. Some now say they're getting serious about defending themselves, even if it means more violence.

Hair shop owner shot during attempted robbery

Kehlin Farooq says two men stormed his shop on Almeda Road looking for cash he didn't have. They held a gun to his sister's head and when he went after them the robbers shot him in the leg.

On Monday, community activist Quanell X, along with the African-American Islamic Society, joined Farooq with a warning for anyone targeting hair shops in the future.

"What we're saying is we will be prepared for whatever comes at us," Farooq said.

"Proper technical equipment will be waiting for you," said Quanell X.

Local 2 asked if the direct threat of violence against possible criminals was a response to a perceived lack of help from Houston police and Quanell X said that wasn't the case. He just feels HPD doesn't have the resources to be everywhere all the time, so in this case members of the community would step in.

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