Community mourns loss of Katy hostage

Frederick Buttaccio, 58, killed in Algeria

HOUSTON - Details continue to emerge about a Katy man killed in the Algerian hostage standoff.

The death of Frederick Buttaccio, 58, is believed to be the result of a mission launched to free hostages at a BP natural Complex in Algeria.

Buttaccio lived in Katy, and was a BP employee. According to his LinkedIn account, he was a sales operation coordinator for the company.

In 1976, he graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration in Accounting.

Community members sent their condolences to the family Saturday.

"I'm sad for the family. I wish that those kinds of things weren't happening. I served in Iraq and went through a little bit overseas so I can understand how the family would feel with this going on and this happening. I do give my condolences for the family," said Mike Marshall, who lives in Houston.

KPRC spoke with Buttaccio's son and he declined to make a comment at this time.

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