Comcast cuts gun ads, sparks controversy

HOUSTON - As the gun control debate continues across the country, a decision by Comcast to no longer run ads for guns is cutting ties with many local businesses.

The cable giant said their will be no more spots for gun shops, guns shows or shooting ranges.

Taylor Venable with the Arms Store in League City said she learned about the new policy early in February.

"It was a shock to all of us," said Venable. "I think everyone here was pretty upset about it."

Venable said Comcast sent them an email stating they will no longer run their ads on television. She said in the end, Comcast will be the one business that will suffer from the decision.

Venable said they spend around $30,000 on ads every year aired on Comcast. She said that won't be the only thing Comcast loses.

"I've had multiple customers in the past few days talk to me and tell me they are upset about it and they are dropping Comcast because of this thing," said Venable.

Many customers said they think the decision is a bad one. Some said even though they don't agree with it, they respect Comcast's decision to refuse business.

League City recently voted to pass a resolution that states they will not comply with new gun laws, no matter the consequence.

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