Cold weather adds to Christmas spirit at Sugar Land's annual tree lighting

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

SUGAR LAND, Texas - Christmas carols in the Houston area usually aren't synonymous with cold temperatures and the need for scarves and coats.

But this year at Sugar Land's annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Town Square it felt like Santa brought some of the North Pole with him.

"We just brought our hats, and our holiday cheer and our coats," says Monica Riley of Sugar Land. "We're just gonna bundle up, stay close and have a good time."

As part of the festivities, an artist carved a block of ice with a chainsaw. The block of ice had no problem holding up Thursday night.

Most of the people who turned out for the ceremony thought they were ready -- but when you live in the Houston area the cold winds of winter often provide a reality check.

"We didn't bring anything except our tiny jacket and these two little rascals," explained Sakina Ibrahim, referring to two children at the ceremony with her.



But with the temperatures headed even lower overnight -- with a chance of winter precipitation -- many of the folks we talked to were adding snowflakes to their Christmas wish lists.

"I was just talking about snow, like hopefully it'll snow here," Celia Riley said with a huge smile on her face. "I'm really hoping that it will."

"It just brings the Christmas spirit out," adds Rod Brinkley of Richmond. "Otherwise it would've been 80 degrees. You never know, it's Houston."

There were about 300 people who showed up at the tree lighting in Sugar Land tonight.

They all looked cold.

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