CNN's Piers Morgan fires away at Katy gun range

Crowd of 100 people outside gun range share views on guns

KATY, Texas - British citizen Piers Morgan hasn't been quiet about his feelings on U.S. gun laws, but the CNN host made his point of view loud and clear in "gun country."

The staunch gun legislation advocate hosted his Monday night show at a gun range in Katy. Protesters gathered outside the gun business to let the CNN personality know he was not wanted.

"He basically believes in gun bans and I'm totally against that and I believe everyone has the right to protect themselves," said Travis Burrus.

Morgan brought his program to Tactical Firearms in Katy after telling the owner he wanted to have an open mind on the issue by learning how to fire high-powered weapons.

On the show, Morgan also debated the topic with rocker turned gun supporter Ted Nugent, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and State Senator Dan Patrick.

But radio host Alex Jones, who led protesters outside, was not buying Morgan's sudden interest in guns. Jones said Morgan and others who share his view can't be trusted.

"There is no room to compromise because they're disingenuous. Everywhere they're in control, they totally ban guns for citizens. That's their goal," said Jones.

As for Morgan, the store's owner said he didn't win over the television host, but gave him something to think about.

"He said he would come back and shoot full auto with me outside a helicopter to shoot pigs. He's willing to learn how we enjoy our firearms in Texas," said Jeremy Alcede from Tactical Firearms.

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