Clint Eastwood's RNC speech creating big buzz on social media

HOUSTON - Clint Eastwood's off-script remarks at Thursday night's Republican National Convention are getting a lot of attention from the media to Twitter, and even from President Barack Obama's campaign.

Eastwood was the RNC's surprise guest, and his speech was a surprise, too.

The actor and director conducted a mock interview with an empty chair representing the president.

"I'm not going to shut up. It's my turn," Eastwood said.

There was nervous laughter and plenty of polite applause, but some convention delegates and TV viewers are still scratching their heads following the speech.

"I guess he's a performer ... and the best way he could deliver. For Republicans he had them entertained," Houstonian Tory Adams said.

While some considered it entertainment, others called it plain weird.

"I would say it was good. It got people talking and it will be the kind of thing people remember at the convention. They don't remember policy they won't remember, but (they) will remember Clint Eastwood," Brandon Rottinghaus, a political professor at University of Houston said.

Eastwood's speech has also started a new social trend called Eastwood.

Obama even got into the fun. Last night, his campaign tweeted a picture of the President saying "this seat is taken."

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