Cleveland ISD student tasered by police officer on school bus

By Jace Larson - Investigative Reporter

CLEVELAND, Texas - A student who attacked a Cleveland Independent School District police officer and a bus driver was Tasered on a school bus Monday afternoon, Local 2 Investigates has confirmed.

Chief Rex Evans described the situation on the school bus as out of hand with the 15-year-old female student at fault. He said the student was at the back of the bus and was in a verbal disagreement with other girls on the bus. The argument was so heated the bus driver pulled over and called police, Evans said.

When an officer arrived, the student refused to come from the back of the bus. The officer made repeated requests and then ordered the student to come to the front of the bus.

The officer eventually walked to the back of the bus in an attempt to get the student to move forward.  At one point the student tried to grab the Taser from the officer.

The student also assaulted the officer by shoving her, Evans says, and then the student quickly went to the front of the bus and assaulted the school bus driver.

As the driver was being assaulted, Evans says the officer Tasered the student.

School bus video captured the incident, Evans said. He reviewed the video Tuesday morning.

Evans said it appears the officer acted appropriately using the non-lethal Taser device when she feared for her safety and the safety of others on the school bus.

The student was not harmed, Evans said. After she calmed down, Evans says the student said she was sorry for the incident.

The female officer was the only officer initially at the scene until backup arrived, Evans said.

This is the first time the five-person police department has used a Taser device. The department has had Tasers for about a year, Evans said.

The student's name is not being released.

The officer involved in on paid administrative leave which is standard in such situations.

Cleveland Independent School District police officers respond to all emergency and non-emergency calls for service throughout the district.

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