Classmates shocked over teen's arrest in death of pregnant Pearland girl

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

PEARLAND, Texas - Students at Pearland Dawson High School are still reacting to the news that a former student who they went to school with was arrested and charged with murder.

Arrijana Hill, 16, was killed back in March and investigators say the suspect arrested was the father of Hill's unborn children.

Disbelief is a good way to describe how most students at Dawson High were feeling after learning a student they used to go to school with was arrested and charged with killing another student.

"They were shocked because they say he was nice. I didn't really talk to him like that," said student Joel Mitchell. "He was an athlete. He ran track and played football."

Pearland police say 16-year-old Arrijana Hill was killed by the father of her unborn twins and classmate in her family's home on March 21.

"Arrijana was some people's friend. She was a nice girl and people miss her now ," said student Chloe Johnson.

Police say a paternity test showed the suspect was the father and investigators had been looking at the teen as a possible suspect from the beginning.

"Definitely helpful in the starting of the healing process and a little more closure for us and my family," said Opal Hill, the victim's mother.

The suspect was arrested at Pasadena Memorial High School on Tuesday. A spokesperson for Pasadena  ISD says he transferred to the district just a few days after the victim was killed.

The motive behind the killing is still under investigation.

The suspect is in jail. We are not naming him until he is charged as an adult, which is likely we are told. We called the Brazoria County District Attorney's Office to ask about when or if the suspect could be charged as an adult. They were not able to give us a timeline.

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