City threatens veteran with fine for flag in front yard

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

LEAGUE CITY, Texas - Smaller flags fly in observation of Independence Day in Lila Davis’ Rustic Oaks neighborhood in League City.

Until recently, she had a larger flag permanently flying beside the street in her front yard.

She said it had been there nearly 10 years.

"I got a letter in the mail saying that I was breaking the law and that I had to take it down immediately. Or I was going to be fined," Davis said.

So Davis, who is a veteran, reluctantly took down the flag just before the holiday celebrating our country’s birthday.

"It symbolizes our country. I served. My husband served 20 years protecting our country," Davis said.

She said the city told her someone complained about two other similar flags in her neighborhood and all were sent letters explaining how they violated the right-of-way ordinance.

"I didn't like having to take my flag down and I went around the neighborhood to see where the other flags were," Davis said.

She said the owners of a home, not far away, got the same warning.

However the American flag in front of that home was still flying.

Under it, flies a “Come and Take It” flag.

Davis said the city told her she could move the flag closer to her home.

For now, her 3-by-5-foot flag is inside folded up and on her dining room table.

"I'd like to see the ordinance changed for this kind of thing. It's not an intrusion. It's not an offensive symbol. It's not hurting anyone. It's not noisy. It's representative of who we are and where we are," Davis said.

A spokesperson for League City confirmed Davis was in violation of the city’s right-of-way ordinance.

However, the spokesperson said if the resident moves her flagpole closer to her home and inside the sidewalk, she would be in compliance with the ordinance.

Davis said she considered that option, but was afraid the flag would then hit her tree.

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