City contractor cuts Houston home's electricity

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - The thermostat inside Patience Kerns' Westchase home is set at 76 but it's actually a stifling 87 degrees.

The Houston mom says she's been sweating it out all weekend because her home doesn't have power. The heat is hardest on her 2-year-old son

"It's hard for him, he doesn't want to eat," she said.

Patience just about lost hers on Saturday.

Her home was without full electricity and she just wanted to know why.

She also said a contractor for the city had been out doing work on the sewer line in her backyard and something happened to her electrical line.
But no one, she said, would own up to the problem.

"City of Houston said no, CenterPoint fixes that stuff. CenterPoint said no, we don't do that it's your personal problem," said Kerns. "The contractors were saying no, we're not at fault at all - we didn't nick the lines."

A city of Houston Public Works spokesperson told Local 2 the contractors did nick the line and an electrician has been sent out to the home to fix it.

CenterPoint Energy told Local 2 the line was an underground power line owned by the customer. It's not CenterPoint's line, they don't own it and are not allowed to work on it. Once the line is repaired by an electrician they will energize it but the problem wasn't their fault.

Kerns is glad an electrician has finally come out to look at it. Power was restored at her house around 6 p.m. Monday.

"When I have power, and I can see the air conditioner blower blowing air out, then I will be very happy and I will do lots of laundry," she said.

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